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Two Golden Globe Race sailors honoured by the Cruising Club of America

Two Golden Globe Race sailors honoured by the Cruising Club of America


Les Sables d´Olonne, Wednesday the 19th of February 2020

The Cruising Club of America awarded GGR 2018-2019 winner Jean-Luc Van den Heede with the 2019 Blue Water Medal for his achievements in single-handed sailing, notably six solo circumnavigations, including fastest circumnavigation against prevailing winds and his victory in the first edition of the Golden Globe Race.

VDH joins high profile recipients of the award created in 1923 to reward “meritorious seamanship and adventure upon the sea”, including Eric Tabarly, Sir Francis Chichester, Bernard Moitessier, Rod Stephens, and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

Jean-Luc was surprised and honoured with the distinction: “This medal rewards more than 40 years of sailing and racing around the world, but it certainly owes a lot to my recent victory with Matmut in the “vintage” Golden Globe Race, which celebrated, 50 years later, the victory of another Blue Water Medal winner, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first person to complete a non-stop solo round-the-world race. I would like to thank Don McIntyre for reviving this event and Yannick Moreau, the mayor of Les Sables d’Olonne, for supporting this event so that it could leave and return to the town that has become my homeport for 20 years.”

Yannick MOREAU, Mayor of Les Sables d’Olonne, homeport of the GGR; and President of the Agglomération was very pleased with the CCA´s award: “The people of Les Sables are proud and happy that VDH, the big winner of the 2018-2019 edition after 211 days at sea, has obtained this distinction. It is the recognition of the feat of an exceptional sailor in an exceptional race, the Golden Globe Race, which the town and the Agglomeration of Les Sables d’Olonne have had the pleasure of supporting since the beginning.”

The CCA also rewarded the 2018 GGR Irish competitor Gregor McGuckin with the Rod Stephens Seamanship Trophy for his attempted rescue of fellow competitor Abhilash Tomy under jury rig. McGuckin and Tomy had both dismasted in the same hurricane force storm in the Southern Ocean, McGuckin jury-rigged and hand-steered his boat for four days in order to be on site to assist with the rescue if required, up to within 25 miles of his fellow competitor. Abhilash Tomy was ultimately rescued by a French fishing vessel, and McGuckin did not declare an emergency for himself, despite being rolled over and losing his mast.

Don McIntyre, GGR Founder and Chairman was delighted with both awards: “The CCA is a pillar of ocean and adventure sailing worldwide, and I am very pleased with both awards that are putting the seamanship of sailors forward. The race itself, with low-tech and vintage rules puts seamanship and sailors first. The high attrition rate if anything, is a testament to the dedication and resilience of all entrants, whether they finish or not.”

The second edition of the Golden Globe Race is well underway with the confirmed host port of Les Sables d´Olonne and 26 confirmed entries to date on the 30 slots available, representing a wide array of sailors and boats alike. With 12 countries represented, British and Australian sailors make up for half of the fleet, while the North America, South Africa, France, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Finland and Austria complete a very international entry list.

The Cruising Club of America (CCA) is an international organisation launched in 1922, promoting cruising, boat racing, and offshore sailing. At its core, the CCA is a collection of passionate, seriously accomplished, ocean sailors making adventurous use of the seas. All members have extensive offshore boat handling, seamanship, and command experience honed over many years.

The Blue Water Medal is generally awarded annually to “reward meritorious seamanship and adventure upon the sea displayed by sailors of all nationalities.” Blue Water Medallists have included such luminaries of the sailing world as Rod Stephens, Eric and Susan Hiscock, Sir Francis Chichester, Eric Tabarly, Pete Goss and Bernard Moitessier. In 1940, the medal was presented to “the British Yachtsmen at Dunkerque.”

The Rod Stephens Seamanship Trophy is awarded by the Club for an act of seamanship that significantly contributes to the safety of a yacht, or one or more individuals at sea.

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OGR and GGR at Boot Dusseldorf, 18-26 January 2020

OGR and GGR at Boot Dusseldorf, 18-26 January 2020

Ocean Globe Race has 23 entries confirmed, largest crewed RTW race in 30 years
Classic Challenge had 3 confirmed entries in the first week of opening
OGR and GGR team and participants attending Boot Dusseldorf on the race stand

Dusseldorf, January 14th, 2020

Entries from 13 countries in the Ocean Globe Race are going strong, just six months after announcing the inaugural race starting in May 2023.

The 10 entries in Adventure Class (47-56 feet production yachts) have now been filled and a waiting list has been established
8 entrants are now confirmed in the Sayula Class (56.1 to 66 feet production yachts), leaving only 2 boats left to participate
4 entrants are confirmed in the Flyer Class (55-68 feet non-production yachts), filling 50% of available entries
3 entrants are confirmed in the Classic Challenge (WOR, VOR 60 and Maxis), representing WOR and VOR 60 designs

Provisional entrants are now standing at 23 representing over 65% of available entries, and making it the biggest round the world race in the last 30 years.

Latest Sayula Class entry is a joint Swedish/American from 59 North Ltd. on their Swan 59 Icebear. 59 North, Ltd. offers offshore adventure sailing passages for paying crew on their Swans 48 and 59, from the High Arctic to the Caribbean and everywhere in between. They aim to sail with a 50/50 mixed team of men and women and fund the campaign with a combination of sponsorship and paying crew.

As Andy Shell, Icebear’s skipper explains it was a natural choice: “I’m romantic for the sea. I love the old traditions, the challenges that an ‘analog’ circumnavigation presents, the old boats, the adventure and philosophy of it all. The OGR feels like it was made just for us – it is the right time in our business, the right time with us starting a family this year in Sweden, we’ve got the right boat in the Swan 59 and we have an awesome team around us. I always knew I’d have to take a crack at the Horn, and what more logical way to do it?”

The Smallest yacht in the fleet is the Norwegian entry « Queen Ann », Hull #1 of the famed Baltic 46S the very first yacht the company ever produced. Although a few inches shorter than the required minimum, the OGR organisers decided to grant the boat special dispensation due to the endearing and comprehensive project. While the boat is being refitted in the Baltic Yard, Project Director and Skipper Anders Onsager, a former Royal Norwegian Navy officer serving in submarines, is working on his crew composed of youth at risk, looked after by Navy watch Leaders.

OGR founder Don McIntyre is thrilled with the response: “The Classic Challenge as expected has opened opportunities for a whole new group of competitive Whitbread and Volvo 60 sailors who seem to be chafing at the bit! The conversations I have had over the past weeks are very exciting indeed and just a few days after entries opened we confirmed three teams. No Maxi’s yet, but they are talking and there is still 1334 days to the start!“

Meet GGR and OGR Founder and Race Chairman Don McIntyre, Marketing Director Sebastien Delasnerie and Commercial Director David Cusworth, several race entries at BOOT Dusseldorf from 18 to 26th January, on the GGR/OGR stand located in HALL 17, Stand C80.

GGR participants will be on the stand to share their experience, including six-time solo circumnavigator Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, Malta entry Daniel Gatt, Ian Herbert-Jones, Michael Guggenberger, Simon Curwen, and John Clark. On January 21st at 2:30 pm, Jean-Luc will hold a talk on his victorious 2018 GGR and how this was his ultimate victory, titled “Non-stop around the world in 212 days “.

Don McIntyre will also take the stage on January 18, 20, 23, 25 and 26, talking about the success of the Golden Globe Race and the upcoming 2023 Ocean Globe Race, with a presentation on “The growing appeal of low-tech sailing and slowing down. Filling the void left by the need for speed”

Don will speak about the success of the GGR and promising prospects of the inaugural OGR throughout the boat show. Find the program below:

The Return of the Golden Globe Race – Jan 20 @4:00 pm
Don McIntyre with 2022 GGR UK entrant, Ian Herbert-Jones who bought Istvan Kopar‘s yacht Puffin for the job and Malta entry Daniel Gatt sailing a Biscay 36.

Nonstop around the world in 212 days Jan 21 @ 2:30 pm
At 73, Frenchman Jean Luc Van Den-Heede won the 2018 Golden Globe Race and shocked the world. He talks about the dream and tells how and why this was his ultimate victory.

There is more to sailing than flying! – Jan 23 @11:30 am
Don talks about the GGR concept and reality, with 2022 GGR Austrian entrant Michael Gugggenberger sailing an Endurance 35 on a dream that is already five years in the planning.

Around the world in the old fashioned way GGR & OGR Jan 25 @ 11 :00am
Don talks about the GGR, what worked and why it was so successful; and the new 2023 Ocean Globe Race

There is more to sailing than flying – Jan 26 @ 4 :00pm
Don presents “The growing appeal of low-tech sailing and slowing down. Filling the void left by the need for speed”»with2022 GGR Austrian entrant Michael Guggenberger.

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Golden Globe Race: heading towards 2022

Golden Globe Race: heading towards 2022

Les Sables d’Olonne are committed to a second edition
Some twenty competitors already entered
Signing of the agreement at the Paris Nautic with Don McIntyre

Press Release – Les Sables d’Olonne Agglomération, Paris, December 11, 2019

The Golden Globe Race delivers this rare alchemy: be an event of international scope and keep a family and fraternal spirit. This duality gives a unique personality to this old-school round-the-world race where the sailors’ human qualities take precedence over technology. After the success of the first edition, returning for a new challenge was almost an evidence.

The Paris Boat Show is the traditional meeting place for all sailors. It is here that we rewrite the epic tales of the past year and imagine the beautiful adventures to come. What better place to officialise the partnership that will associate Don McIntyre, the town hall and the urban community of Les Sables d’Olonne for the Golden Globe Race 2022? On Wednesday, December 11, the main personalities of 2018 met to lay the foundations for the next edition. Several 2022 competitors were able to exchange with Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, the brilliant winner of 2018. With the enthusiasm already generated by the race, there is confidence the next edition will meet expectations from racers and audiences alike.

Yannick Moreau, Mayor of Les Sables d’Olonne and President of the Agglomération:
“The 2018 edition was a true demonstration of courage, perseverance, and endurance from all sailors involved. Les Sables d’Olonne are proud to have been with them in this exceptional race. For the atmosphere of the race, for the human quality of its competitors, it deserved a second edition. This is why the city of Les Sables d’Olonne and its agglomeration have decided to renew the partnership with Don McIntyre. »

Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, winner of the Golden Globe Race 2018:
“I had great pleasure on this race. My only regret is that more competitors could not cross the finish line, but I am convinced that the next edition will be a great success and the 2018 experience will serve everyone. There is already a real enthusiasm for the event. I am also sending a message to my French skipper friends: hurry up and register: entries are likely to be scarce in a very short time! »

Don McIntyre, organizer of the Golden Globe Race:
“What a pleasure to see the enthusiasm of the City of Les Sables d’Olonne to join the 2022 edition of the Golden Globe Race as an official port and logistics partner. We will continue in the tradition of the relationship of trust that was created during the 2018 edition. This adventure has been a success at all levels; it was also the bearer of true human relationships. This event is more than a race: it is the longest, slowest and most committed individual challenge, of all sports combined. There is no better homeport than Les Sables d’Olonne. With 25 candidates from 11 different nationalities, we are expecting the most exciting event of 2022. »

Click to open the video presentation of the Golden Globe Race

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Bigger coverage for 2022 GGR and IGOR ZARETSKIY OUT!

Bigger coverage for 2022 GGR and IGOR ZARETSKIY OUT!

IGOR ZARETSKIY has officially withdrawn from the Chichester Class of the 2018 Golden Globe Race. His team advised that due to various challenges, they sadly will not carry on to the finish line in Les Sables d’Olonne as originally expected. IGOR had faced several health issues that added to his original barnacle and rigging problems, forcing a stop in ALBANY Western Australia. He then returned to Russia for urgent medical treatment and was on track for a full recovery. He had been planning to once again set sail in November this year, continuing the Voyage through the Southern Ocean and around Cape Horn.

Entrant enquiries for the third 2022 GGR continue to arrive with four women currently considering an entry while a Wait list seems imminent. Previous 2018 entrants are also considering options to return for another round! Indications three years from the start, suggest that the fleet will be bigger and better prepared. The exciting news is planning for greatly enhanced coverage with more of everything in 2022.

Current entrants are acutely aware of the GGR prime objective of sharing their experience with others as a source of inspiration. Many are developing their own media skills and considering how best to optimize the use and set up of digital 360 degree camera systems on their yachts, flying kite drones and free flying units without a GPS read out, (allowed under the Notice of Race). Celluloid film cameras and supper8 movie cameras will also be used by some.

Increased media budgets in 2022 will enable a larger dedicated professional video production unit to cover the GGR and follow the fleet. They will utilize the latest equipment and talented editors to process among other things, entrant onboard vision passed across and live footage shot at the three film drops. Instant Video News Releases will be distributed to all international media. GGR will release these and many other comprehensive video productions on various social media platforms. Previously this was a challenge. Many entrants in 2018 were focused more on surviving, than filming, absorbed in their challenge, so with limited footage, a small management team and smaller budgets, we did our best under pressure. In 2022 the entrant requirement to provide comprehensive vision is compulsory and all have embraced that as part of the new challenge.

Live Facebook and YOUTUBE coverage will continue to be our frontline outlet to the world, with a bigger team, new technology and field equipment offering a better view than Jane and I could ever provide in 2018! The Race start will again be covered LIVE on French and International Television.

Our Race commentary team will grow to include dedicated and talented English and French solo sailors and guest experts, offering an informative view of the adventure as it happens. It will remain in the unique GGR style completely human, real, relaxed and offering regular, simple, honest informed opinions and information. The popular weekly QUESTION and ANSWER segments continue and a NEW regular weekly conversation segment with TWO OLD SALTS will appear. Both FRENCH and ENGLISH segments are scheduled.

In 2018 when entrants rounded Cape Horn, each participated in a LIVE 30-minute Question and Answer session on Facebook with questions provided by supporters. This will become a scheduled monthly occurrence. The weekly GGR Sound Cloud safety calls delivering insights into life onboard will continue. Entrants once again can Tweet short messages every 6 hours for their entire voyage.

For the first time in the GGR, media organizations and news outlets around the world can book a Satellite call direct to an entrant at sea for a live interview. Each entrant may receive a maximum of two 20-minute media calls a week.

All this will be managed by our inhouse full time GGR media team 24hrs a day, something we simply could not achieve in 2018. The recent GGR Media Valuation of US$185 million for the 2018 GGR was a great result. It says a lot about the way we did it, about Barry Pickthall (now retired) our media manager and our small passionate management team, as well as the trust and strong support of Les Sables d’Olonne Agglomeration, our logistics partner and great friends.

For a new concept in Retro solo sailing, we all learnt a lot during the 2018 GGR. We always knew what we needed to do and how to do it, but budgets restricted the scope of opperations. That is all about to change. For the first time our shared vision should be matched by an appropriate budget, bringing you an even deeper experience.

Finally I can answer this question that was put to me on JULY 15th 2015 about the 2018 GGR…YES it was BIG! And what do I think about the 2022 GGR? Well it is hard to say, but I recon it will be VERY BIG!

You can follow all current 2022 entrants from the Skipper section on the GGR website that links direct to each entrant’s social media and website.


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Independent Media report values coverage of the 2018 GGR at $185m

3 years to the start of the 2022 GGR
Independent Media report values coverage of the 2018 GGR at $185m

22 paid up entrants to-date – 17 with boats!
First Woman Entrant from South Africa
First Joshua Class yacht to be launched next year
2022 Notice of Race published

Dateline: Tonga – 17th September 2019

OFFICIAL: 2018 GGR gained US$185m media exposure across TV, Radio, Print and Social Media. An independent analysis report compiled by Meltwater on media coverage secured during the 2018 Golden Globe Race shows that the Race gained US$185m worth of coverage world-wide.

Click here to download Meltwater Media Analysis Report

Les Sables d’Olonne, which will be the host start and finish port again in 2022, gained 2 years of international publicity valued at 16.5m Euros (US$18.08m), and Falmouth, which hosted the pre-Race Suhaili 50 Parade of Sail, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s departure in the original 1986 Sunday Times Golden Globe, and the start of the SITraN Challenge race to Les Sables d’Olonne, gained £1.85m (US$2.38m) from the 3-days of events.

Don McIntyre, the GGR founder said today: “What a fantastic solid result for a unique original adventure created by a small passionate management team with low budgets. It confirms the support and huge following the 2018 GGR achieved from ordinary people interested in a simple, back to basics human endeavour. No fluff; just an honest, down-to-earth non-stop solo race around the world that media understand. We must also thank the passion of our French fans and our enthusiastic Host Port and logistics partner Les Sables d’Olonne, Ville and Agglomeration. The GGR family continues to grow, ensuring the 2022 edition will be an even bigger success.

Yannick Moreau, Mayor of Les Sables d’Olonne and President of the Agglomeration said today: “For a first edition, the GGR has been an international success. I am looking forward to the 2nd edition from Les Sables d’Olonne on September 4, 2022!”

GGR 2022 Suhail class entry list – Just six places left!

Three years to the start of the 2022 Golden Globe Race from Les Sables d’Olonne, France, and already this second retro solo non-stop round the world race has 22 paid up Suhaili Class entrants representing nine Countries. There is one ordinary and five remaining special invitations available in Suhaili Class before a Wait list is started.

The first Joshua Class II one-design yacht is scheduled to launch in 2020. Seven places are available.

Britain has seven: 58-year old Ertan Beskardes from Bournemouth, Guy Waites (52) currently skippering the yacht Dare to Lead in the Clipper Round the World Race, Ian Herbert-Jones (49) another Clipper Race veteran; John Clarke (47) from Liverpool; 67-year old Robin Davie from Falmouth, and Simon Curwen (67) from Emsworth. The 7th entrant remains anonymous at this stage.

Australia has 5 entrants: 49-year old Matthew Wright and Michael Davey (58) both from Adelaide, South Australia, Michael Date (57) from Currumbin Waters, Queensland; and Mike Smith (60) building a Suhaili replica in Newcastle, NSW. The 5th entrant wishes to remain anonymous for the moment.

South Africa has 2 entrants: Jeremy Bagshaw (56) from Simon’s Town; and Kirsten Neuschäfer (37) the first women entrant, from Port Elizabeth.

The USA has 2 entrants: 52-year old Doug Dean from Sandhills, Nebraska and professional sailor Guy deBoer (63)

Austria: Michael Guggenberger (42)

Canada: Indian born Gaurav Shinde (32) from London, Ontario

France: 48-year old Arnaud Gaist takes on the mantle from Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, French winner of the 2018 GGR.

Italy: 51-year old Guido Cantini.

Ireland: 63-year old Pat Lawless from Ballyferriter. Co Kerry

New Zealand: This entrant remains anonymous at this stage.

17 of these skippers are busy preparing their boats already, and others are moving fast to secure theirs. Matthew Wright from South Australia is in Europe right now looking for a boat and American Guy DeBoer is in France about to close a deal. Canadian/Indian skipper Gurave Shinde has just secured a Baba 36 for his challenge and Australian Michael Davey has bought a Cape Dory 36 in America, scrapped the rig and deck gear and put the boat on a ship to New Zealand for the refit. Australian Michael Date is halfway through a complete rebuild refit of his Aries 32 and fellow Aussie Mike Smith is well on the way to completing his Suhaili replica. Another Australian, 2018 GGR retiree Mark Sinclair (Capt. Coconut) has just set up a new Facebook page titled Coconut 2022, so he may be making an announcement very soon!

Boat statistics to date. Rustler 36 (4), Trade Wind 35 (2), and one each of the following, Vancouver 34, Saga 36, Biscay 36,Cape Dory 36, Aries 32, Baba 35, Endurance 35, Nicholson 32, Lello 34, Suhaili Replica and Barbican 33MKII.

Click here for Skipper and boat details

2022 Notice of Race published

Changes to the 2022 Notice of Race reflect lessons gained from the 2018 Race while maintaining the spirit of the GGR. On the all important issue of heavy weather and equipment there were no changes.

Don McIntyre explains: “In relation to storm tactics and equipment to use like Drogues, no individual or expert exists with a sure solution, or the ultimate answer. Every boat, storm, wave pattern and situation is different, so we will NOT regulate what entrants must do, or should have. Like all good sailors, we keep discussing it, learning and researching, then make our own decisions and face our own destiny. Their life is in their hands. If there is one thing all entrants are very aware of and serious about, it is how they plan to survive the Southern Ocean. They do not need us to tell them and we don’t have a guarantee to give.”

Click here to download the 2022 GGR Notice of Race

A summary of the changes from the 2018 NOR are listed below.

  1. Suhaili Class entries are limited to 28: 23 applicants and 5 special invitations.
  2. Under 21 entrants receive a full entry fee refunded after passing Canary Islands.
  3. Trindade Island in the South Atlantic is now a mark of the course.
  4. A Cape Town Film drop has been added to the course.
  5. Southern latitude limits return to 44° and 47°S in Indian and Pacific oceans respectively.
  6. Time limit to pass Tasmania gate is 31st January 2023 or stop until 1st Dec. 2023.
  7. Only World Meteo Organization (WMO) High Seas forecast allowed.
  8. Routing banned once leaving the Dock in Les Sables d’Olonne.
  9. 24hr time penalty for first breach of sat phone use
  10. UK Prologue arrival 8th August to marina village. Start SITraN Challenge Race to Les Sables d’Olonne set for 14th August.
  11. NON-GPS digital Cameras and drones allowed.
  12. 8 litres emergency water to be carried. 24hr penalty if seal is broken, Sealed hand desalinator required. 72-hour penalty if seal is broken.
  13. Penalties may be financial or time, or both at discretion of Jury and organiser.
  14. Entrants must complete an extra 2000 mile nonstop, tracked, solo qualifier in GGR yacht, using wind vane and sextant.
  15. Two interviews a week direct to any media on sat phone 20-minute max.
  16. Maximum sails: Sloop – 10. Ketch -12.
  17. Cabin: Minimum of two windows (each side). Minimum total area 1200sq cm.
  18. LED approved nav lights compulsory.
  19. Emergency steering trial must be made in open ocean with at least 15knots wind.
  20. Fuel limit is full standard design tanks.
  21. No extra kerosene or diesel allowed for heating.
  22. Extra 50-watt mobile solar panel carried onboard.
  23. 100% waterproof HF SSB radio installation required. This will be tested by throwing a bucket of water over it.
  24. Full installation HF radio approval and performance test.
  25. Any breech of ITU Radio regulations will be penalized and Ham radio transmissions are banned.
  26. Waterproof VHF radio installation required.
  27. Spare charger cables for all radios, sat phones and YB3 trackers.
  28. Approved AIS Transponder compulsory.
  29.  Bunk belts required for all bunks to retain sailor in event of a roll over.
  30. Wind vanes need Race approval as fit for purpose in Southern Ocean.
  31. All cockpit dodgers must be made from Hi-Vis materiel
  32.  Permanent secure storage on deck for both spinnaker poles.
  33.  Emergency KITE systems ‘may’ be approved for jury rig.
  34. Coloured sponsor logos now allowed on hull.
  35. Sponsor signage on hull and transom increased 250%
  36. Marina Entrant Sponsor Communication mainsail increased 25%.
  37. Entrant ‘Approved” Charity 1.65m x .55mt Lee cloth allowed forward of the mast anytime.
  38. Country of entry ensign must fly on staff from transom at starts finish.
  39. Entrant national Flag design 40cm high on both sides of mainsail.
  40. Vinyl Wrapping of Hull/Deck is banned.
  41. Entrant Pre-Safety inspection up to 5 defects allowed only.
  42. Up to 14 minutes of digital vision released at each film drop.
  43. Double requirements of Entrant video and photo media delivery to GGR required.
  44. Compulsory minimum video delivery requirements at film drops.
  45. Zero tolerance of fines once proven.
  46. Monthly 30-minute live Facebook Q&A session with each entrant supporters.
  47. SOLAS Non-Inflatable Life jacket no longer required.
  48. $150 Euro fee for JURY rule clarification requested during the Race.
  49. Rigging sizes are now free spar sizes no restriction except lengths.
  50. Minimum three spare log impellers required.
  51. HF SSB radio weather fax approval.

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