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(Article) – Ruyant Damages Port Foil on LinkedOut, Dalin Has First Sniff of The Big South

As race leader Charlie Dalin starts to finally feel like he is on the threshold of the big south, where he will race for the first time in his life, his closest rival Thomas Ruyant reported damage to the port foil of his IMOCA LinkedOut

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(Article) – Kevin Escoffier, PRB ‘I will have to ask Jean for advice.’

Escoffier was positioned 4th on the 5am ranking and wide awake when called up for the morning radio chat, poring over the weather files and full of doubts about how things are going to pan out.

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(Article) – Damage to the port foil of Thomas Ruyant’s LinkedOut!

While lying in second place in the South Atlantic, some 72 nautical miles behind leader Charlie Dalin (Apivia), Thomas Ruyant last night sustained damage to the port foil of his IMOCA LinkedOut. He had to stop for a short period to assess and says he will now be unable to use the foil on the port (left) side of his boat for the remainder of the race.

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(En direct du bord) – Glory Days Are Over? Pip Hare

And so the glory days are coming to an end, slowly but surely my small peleton has overtaken me and my job now is to hang on to their coat tails for as long as I can.

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(En direct du bord) – Liberated…..Miranda Merron Out Of The Doldrums

" After getting nailed by numeours squalls with associated wind shift (involving 2 tacks per squall, and once I even had to gybe as the wind went full circle), it is possible that Campagne de France has escaped the clutches of the doldrums at last. About time too. We are already at 3 N. "


Miranda/ Campagne de France

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