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Transat Jacques Vabre

The Wrap
One and Done
Mission Accomplished: Eric Darni and Florent Bernard finish 22nd on EcoElec Frantronic
Croix Du Sud Aussies take 21st
Five miles to go for Croix du Sud
Olivier Roussey and Philippe Burger (Obportus3) twentieth in Class 40
Back in the out Obportus
'Benjamin' Darni and Regnier finish in 19th place on April Delatacolour
Recollections from the finishers
Catherine Pourre and Goulven Royer on Earwen are 18th in Class 40
Mr Bricolage are 17th in Class 40
Michelle and Pat on Croix du Sud
Race of Proximedia – Sauvez un Enfant finish 16th by only 15 minutes
Bertrand Guillonneau and Sébastien Audigane ( Matouba ) fifteenth in Class 40
Change of regime for the next finishers
"A traumatic hour defined our race" Caterham Challenge
Caterham Challenge finish 14th
Monday Morning Blues?
13th for Fantastica
BET 1128 are 12th Class 40
Victorian Erussard and Thibaut Vauchel -Camus (Solidaires en Peloton) 11th in the Transat Jacques Vabre
Phoenix Europe take 10th
Miranda Merron on the dockside, ninth and not really that happy....
Miranda Merron and Halvard Mabire (Campagne de France) finish 9th
40s Brazilian Cavalcade
Austrians Petter and Hanakamp on Vaquita finish eighth
7th Damien Seguin and Yoann Richomme ERDF Des Pieds et Des Mains
Fabrice Amédéo and Armel Tripon (SNCF Geodis) finish sixth in Class 40
Groupe Picoty finish fifth in Class 40
Monday arrival for Caterham Challenge
Watt & Sea, Bestaven and Ducroz, finish fourth Class 40
Miranda on Campagne France....someone mentioned beer
Keep the faith, from Michelle on Croix du Sud
Oman Air-Musandam win Postlogue for MOD70
Fast Class
Mare are third in Class 40
Spain's Pella and Santurde take second on Tales Santander 2014
Rogue and Delahaye on the Dock
Last night nerves?
Sticky ending
Two Hearts…......
Heart Stopper! Initiatives Coeur take 8th by 9 seconds!
GDF SUEZ Reveal Why Miles Lost
21 days racing, photo finish?
First words from the Energa duo
Poland's Energa finish seventh
Sixth for VNAM
After the watershed
Bureau Vallee get fifth
Fourth 50
Reaching a Brazilian goal. And out of the pits.
Lamire and Mura take third in Multi 50 class
Hand to hand to the line
Under Pressure?
Caterham Challenge in Recife
Poles Apart, Spanish Flying
No room for any mistakes.....Stamm
Cheminees Poujoulat finish fourth in IMOCA Open 60 class
Podium completed for IMOCA Class
Safran second, Maitre CoQ third
Brothers in Arms win together
A Good Job........Riou and Le Cam
Riou and Le Cam on PRB win IMOCA Open 60 class
Sweet Sunday Morning, Riou and Le Cam should finish this morning
Brothers in Arms Sprinting for the Line
Out, out
Passing the last bend
Life in the not-so-fast lane, Mike Gascoyne on Brasilian GP
Actually speaking, first words from Le Blevec and de Pavant
Actual take second in Multi 50
Doldrums, rules of engagement from Miranda, Campagne de France
From the winners, wise words
FenêtréA-Cardinal win Multi50s
Persistently Raining...from Andreas on Vaquita
A Brave Face
MACIF, Gabart explains
Rudder problem for Caterham Challenge....fixed
Out of the Blue
IMOCA Leader MACIF Dismasted
Going straight, staying honest
Words from the front line today
Arkema Region Aquitaine is upright in Madeira
Class 40 leaders descend into the Doldrums
Shark attack?
Long Lining
Mail from Energa
Oman Air Musandam second into Itajai
Masters of the MOD70
Edmond de Rothschild first to Itajai
Still in Control
The Home Straight!
They said
Compression and Pressure
Winning against the doldrums?
Primed for a Final Fight
From Caterham Challenge this morning
When Pit Stops Count
Hard times on Caterham Challenge, back to speed.
Morning Expresso. PRB's rapid rudder stop.
Into the Southern Hemisphere
Dunkerque – Planète Enfants retire
PRB to make technical stop in Cape Verde Islands
Lalou Roucayrol and Mayeul Riffet on board the tug West
Meteo for 14/11
From Energa this morning
Unstable but Stable
Dunkerque Planet Enfants will stop for medical appraisal
Feeling it at Finisterre and Dodging the Doldrums
They said: from the radio vacs today
British Class 40 Concise 8 abandons Transat Jacques Vabre
From the skippers this morning
Schuss south
Tons Up. Halfway down.
To escape or not?
From Mare, escape from the Spanish Doldrums
Meteo for Tuesday
From Gutek on Energa
Critical Angles
From Actual after their pit stop
From Michelle on Croix du Sud
Staying on it
Stop Go
Four boats signal technical stops
Quick Madeira Pit Stop Planned by Actual
Quick Madiera Pit Stop Planned by Actual
BET 1128 routes to La Coruna to make repair
From Miranda Merron this morning
Arkema stablised
News Flash: The Multi 50 Arkema - Region Aquitaine has capsized
Back in the Game
Portuguese Pit Stop for IMOCA leaders
MACIF make pit stop in Peniche
Meteo for Sunday
Different Strokes
A simpler Sunday
Damage to Multi 50 Maitre Jacques, heading for La Coruna
Biscay: Breaking Away and Breaking Back
'It's tough out here' Gavignet
Full Frontal Attack
Restart Times from Roscoff
Beating Biscay
Close fought war on the Gulf
Pit stop for Vers Un Monde Sans SIDA
Quotes from the Radio Vacs today
GDF SUEZ lead into Roscoff weather stop
24 Hours In
Michelle on Croix du Sud reports
From Miranda on Campagne de France
Better than expected
Channel Escape
Tactical first night
Race is on
First mark
Light winds start
Weather stop for Class 40's confirmed
Energy on board: different solutions for different skippers
All Go
Thompson's new challenge
Numbers Add Up
Extra Time…..Pre Start
Transat Jacques Vabre start postponed
The first cut is the deepest?
On Form
Five girls in Class 40
To Brazil, In Eight Stages….
Podium hopes
Skippers respond to the postponement
Race will start Monday at 1415hrs
A Different View
A New, Nearer Horizon for Alessandro