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Golden Globe Race

Two Golden Globe Race sailors honoured by the Cruising Club of America
OGR and GGR at Boot Dusseldorf, 18-26 January 2020
Golden Globe Race: heading towards 2022
Bigger coverage for 2022 GGR and IGOR ZARETSKIY OUT!
Independent Media report values coverage of the 2018 GGR at $185m
Changes to 2022 GGR Notice of Race
Les Sables d’Olonne confirmed as host start/finish port for the 2022 GGR
It’s not over, but it is!
“Barnacles: I knew my race was over.” Tapio Lehtinen
DAY 312: Tapio Lehtinen sighted off the Azores
DAY 295: Jean-Luc VDH crowned winner of the 2018 Golden Globe Race
DAY 284: Tapio Equator – 2018 Prize Giving – 2022 Filling up!
DAY 263: Istvan Kopar secures 4th place in the Golden Globe Race
MEDIA ALERT: Istvan Kopar due to reach Les Sables d’Olonne finish at 09:00 UTC on 21st March
Day 252 – Uku Randmaa claims 3rd podium place in Golden Globe Race
DAY 249 – Uku Randmaa on the home straight
Day 241 – Uku Randmaa now within 1,200 miles of the finish
Day 234 – Uku Randmaa handed 72 hour penalty for weather routing violation
GGR NOTICE of RACE Determination No. 6 UKU RANDMAA 20th FEBRUARY 2019
Day 227 – The Race for 3rd continues
Day 218 – The Race for 3rd
Day 214 – Mark Slats secures 2nd place finish in Golden Globe Race
GGR NOTICE of RACE Determination NO. 5 MARK SLATS 30th January 2019
Day 212 – Van Den Heede receives huge welcome back in Les Sables d’Olonne
STOP PRESS – Storm clouds surround Mark Slats
Day 211: Van Den Heede – Last 100 miles to finish
Praise of patience, VDH expected Tuesday, January 29 Morning
Day 208 – Van Den Heede within 450 miles of finish
Day 204 – Van Den Heede regains the initiative… for now
Day 198 – Mark Slats closes to within 50 miles of VDH in nail-biting race to the finish
Day 190 – Van Den Heede serves 18 hour penalty
Day 185 – Istvan Kopar rounds Cape Horn
Day 173 – December 21. 2018 – Longest day in the Southern Ocean
Day 169 – Mark Slats gains another 154 miles on Jean-Luc VDH
Susie’s statement
Lead narrows between Mark Slats and Jean-Luc VDH
Day 159 – 2 Breaking News: Susie Goodall rescued!
Day 159: Ship on station to rescue Susie Goodall
Day 158: Update on Susie Goodall rescue
Day 157: Susie Goodall dismasted 2,000 miles west of Cape Horn
Day 155: The Race is On!
Day 148: Jean-Luc Van Den Heede rounds Cape Horn and gains on all but Mark Slats
Day 145: Jean-Luc VDH set to round CAPE HORN Tonight
Day 142: Jean-Luc Van Den Heede – 400 miles from Cape Horn
They’re back in 2022!
Day 135: Jean-Luc Van Den Heede facing fresh storm
Day 131: Jean-Luc Van Den Heede given 18 hour time penalty
Day 130: Jean-Luc Van Den Heede to continue racing
Jean-Luc Van Den Heede suffers knock-down and damage to rig
DAY 120: Barnacles – the scourge of solo circumnavigators
On a ROLL!! Family is everything
DAY 114 – Loïc Lepage rescue successful
Susie Goodall survives ‘horrific’ storm
Operations begin to rescue Loïc Lepage
Loïc Lepage dismasted 600 miles SW of Perth, Australia
JL VDH is Alone! Why?
Mark Slats injured during knock-down
How safe is safe? Imagine it!
DAY 97 Jean-Luc Van Den Heede passes through Hobart film gate
DAY 92: Gregor McGuckin arrives in Perth
GGR skipper Istvan Kopar goes to the aid of solo yachtsman in South Indian Ocean
Day 84 – Code Red alert update
GGR Day 83 Code Red Alert update
Media update at 21:00 UTC
SPACE RACE – WHAT’s it really like!
Gregor McGuckin and Abhilash Tomy fight over 3rd place
Turtles or Snails?
And then there were 10
What’s going on?!
Are Wiig safe in Cape Town
UPDATE on Are Wiig dismasting
Are Wiig, dismasted 400 miles SW of Cape Town
Jean-Luc Van Den Heede first to round Cape of Good Hope
Latest News and Applications open for 2022 GGR
You OK? the Boat’s OK? Sort of
Philippe Péché heads for Cape Town
NEWS ALERT – Philippe Péché reports loss of steerage in 50knot winds
2nd GGR SUMMARY: Lanzarote to equator passing
Day 37: East is least…but is West best?
WHAT IS HF and SSB? is it winning the 2018GGR?
PRB leads – but is the computer right?
COMPLAINTS!! There are a few!!
DAY 23: The Rich get Richer as leaders break out of the Doldrums
Race Start review : Les Sables d’Olonne to Lanzarote
And then there were 12
Péché and Slats slug it out at the front
DRAMA: Philippe Péché sacrifices a 4 hour lead with navigation mistake at first Gate of Lanzarote
Philippe Péché strengthens lead over top four GGR sailors
Philippe Péché gets head start
2 days to the start
Race start program
5 days to the start
Joshua and Suhaili unite in Les Sables d’Olonne
17 skippers arrive in Les Sables d’Olonne
Golden Globe Race Village opens in Les Sables d’Olonne
Falmouth celebrates the 50th anniversary
Program of events
Final countdown
2 months to Start – a frenzy of activity
3 months to the start
4 months to Start
Deja Vous
Join the Jamboree
GGR Press Release from the Nautic Boat Show
GGR 2018, WHY?
2018 GGR moves to Les Sables d’Olonne, France
Joshua one-design class yacht
2018 GGR – 365 days to Plymouth start