Captain’s log, A. Boissières: " The safest route "

It’s been a little unstable all night but now I have 15 knots of wind and I’m under main sail and solent. We’re slowly progressing north and the boat is sometimes shaken by waves, which is kind of pleasant. The wind has been more stable since yesterday, it’s east now and that is great for me on my way north.   

Jean and Mike are still way ahead and Mirabaud, ACCIONA and myself are quite spread out, we’ll see what happens. I tried to pick the safest route I could because what is going to happen ahead is complicated. I see the way out has to be found north and not northeast. Everybody has noticed there are major differences between reality and forecasts so I am trying to adjust the files with the little info I have. In no-wind zones, forecasts are not necessarily accurate, it makes sense. Routing sometimes gives me unusual info but I know I have to adjust them and go north because an eastern option looks complicated.

Two days ago, i had 29 days of food left and my water supply is fine. My watermaker works perfectly and I also have two 6-packs of water, one sparkling and one still. It’s getting hotter and hotter so I need to hydrate but I’m used to that. I’m feeling fine mentally because everything’s all right on board or in terms of route. Also, it’s just beautiful out there, I can’t complain, I’m happy.


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