Autopilot issue on Mirabaud

" I was on the phone with Michèle, there was a 40-knot wind and suddenly, the autopilot alarm went off! It was brutal, the yacht tacked suddenly and it tilted at 90 degrees. It was chaos, my biggest since the beginning of the race. It was really scary, then the yacht went backwards, and the sea was rough. It wasn't far from where Michèle and I dismasted two years ago. The good news is, the situation is now under control, I turned the faulty autopilot off and tured the other on. I'm now sailing at a normal speed again. >Even better: i'm now goig to manoeuvre and I think I'll sail even faster!

My tactical choice is a long-term investment so hopefully, eventually, I can sail with a better angle when the wind switches east. But we'll have to wait for two days to find out if it was a good move or not. It looks like the boats ahead of me will slow down a bit so we may regroup eventually. "

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