Captain’s log, A. Thomson: "Happy with the progress I’m making"

This morning I am in sight of the Falkland Islands, which is topical as I hear they have been in the news a lot this week! From what I can see, they’re incredibly flat!! Today it should be another sunny day, which is good, conditions are considerably better than they have been and considering we’re in the middle of an ocean, it is relatively calm out here. It’s still incredibly cold at night, but with the sunshine is relatively warm during the day, which is good for the spirits. I’m also making the most of these conditions to get as much rest as I can.


I’m still happy with the progress I’m making, my route east of the Falklands has allowed me to benefit from the protection they have given me while I focus on the ongoing hydro repairs. I spent a lot of the day on these yesterday, and will be starting again once it gets light down here. Hopefully the end is almost in sight with them, as with around four weeks left of this race it’s still important that I get the second hydro back into action.


I'm still getting your messages via here and Twitter @AlexThomson99 so please do keep them coming.

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