(Article) – Ben Dutreux (OMIA – Water Family) has had a hard night in not much wind

I had a pretty awful night because I was stuck in an area of no wind all night and I don't know why. It is filling in again slowly. We sailors complain all the time, we complain when there's too much wind, when it is shifty, when there's not enough... I didn't really understand, maybe a squall passed and just sucked the wind out. From two am there was just nothing at all and this morning I had no more than 7 or 8 knots, so it has been pretty hard. I had hoisted all the sails and now it's picking up again so I'm going to have to reduce sail because I have 18 knots again. I have some work to do before the coming front which will be quite strong! I'm super happy, it's great to be in this group. I'm hanging on to this this group of boats around me.

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