Praise of patience, VDH expected Tuesday, January 29 Morning

Golden Globe Race: praise of patience

VDH expected Tuesday, January 29 Morning
Quiet and storms for the last days of race
Mark Slats expected for Thursday 31

Certainly, nothing will be spared to the Golden Globe Race leaders. Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, on the edge of the Bay of Biscay, had to undergo long hours of quiet white in the day Friday before having to face its last legs a particularly forceful storm. His arrival is now scheduled for Tuesday morning.

One could fear the worst. Early Friday afternoon, Jean-Luc Van Den Heede was pointing to a small knot of speed, and for several hours. Given his weakened rig, one could imagine a major damage until the information eventually fall: the browser sablais fell into a wind hole, a small zone of high pressure which left the sails flapping off Iberian Peninsula. ultimate paradox of being stuck, while a particularly virulent looming depression that promises to make the final miles of very uncomfortable race.

Fortunately, VDH has seen others. But in the day Sunday, he will have to contend with higher average winds at 40 knots, gusting to over 50 knots and above all seas and valleys of more than eight meters. Jean-Luc Van Den Heede is already anticipating the bad weather coming by influencing its way north, so as to face the northwest winds advertised downwind.

Sir Robin

Between calm and storm, the latest estimates from the race director gave this Saturday noon, an estimated arrival around 10:00 Tuesday, January 29. Especially as the wind should ease off again abruptly behind the passage of the depression.
Marck Slats should not be affected, in turn, by the passage of this depression. The Dutch navigator should benefit from a much quieter road for its final miles to the Vendée harbor where it is expected during the day of Thrusday 31.

Les Sables d’Olonne, it mobilizes to make the celebration beautiful. Already, the Sablais organize to fill the docks that line the entrance channel and provide a welcome worthy of the name to that, three times already, was able to climb the path of honor that leads to Vendée Globe pontoon (in his two Vendée Globe finished on the podium as well after his record round the world from east to west against the prevailing winds).

At the pontoon, it is rumored that the legendary Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in person will be there to greet the man who, 50 years later, took up the torch of this exploit unconventional. A transfer of power, but also the recognition of the link that connects these sailors made a funny wood.


Yannick Moreau, Mayor of Les Sables d’Olonne and President of Urban Olonne Sands:“Between calm and storm, Jean-Luc Van den Heede and Mark Slats we reserve breathtaking final after 212 days at sea. It’s just incredible. The suspense is over with Mark Slats, always in ambush in the wake of VDH.

On land, each made his prognosis. The excitement of major events is palpable. The Sablais are preparing to party, journalists are eager to gather initial impressions hero of the Golden Globe Race and their families count the minutes that separate them from the reunion.

Favorable or contrary wind, calm or rough seas, the first arrival Monday 28 or Tuesday, January 29? Whatever, the Sables d’Olonne are ready for the event! “

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