Daily Digest – Wednesday 13 June


"The Volvo Ocean Race is a race that sails around the world, 45,000 nauictial miles, 12 Host Cities and the winner will be decided today" - Andrew Cape, Navigator onboard Team Brunel 


The painfully light and fickle winds that you just saw in that video have now been replaced by powerful south-westerlies that are blasting the teams north-east at breakneck speeds. Check out this stunning gallery from our photographer Ainhoa Sanchez in the helicopter up by the Outer Hebrides, Scotland

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In less than 36 hours the teams are expected to arrive in Gothenburg, but from a weather perspective it’s about to get much worse before it gets better. Read the latest from our editorial team here.

There has also never been a better time than this to get to grips with our all important 'potenial scoring calculator'. Life. Changing. 

© Martin Keruzore/Volvo Ocean Race

This is one of those legs where you only need to blink and something major has happened. Be sure to watch today's Daily Live with Niall Myant-Best and Conrad Colman as they take you through every moment of what's happened on the race track.

For Turn the Tide on Plastic fans, it's an exciting time as they hold down a solid podium position. Here's Bianca Cook taking great delight in pointing out the boats behind them. 


"He's never been as close to winning the Volvo Ocean Race as he is now, he's not sleeping" - Louis Balcean, Team Brunel. 

Can Bouwe Bekking win the Volvo Ocean Race on his 8th attempt? His navigator thinks it will all be decided in the next 24 hours and his team are doing everything they possibly can. Take a look.


Finally, here are some stunning portraits to come off team AkzoNobel as the teams hit stronger winds and pile on the layers. 

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Did you know that all the incredible content delivered from the boats is made possible by Inmarsat? You can follow them on Twitter here.

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