Captains log, JP Dick: " Good to be coming back "

It's so good to be coming back! Conditions were favourable last night with 25-28-knot winds. The leaders have slowed down a bit and I’ll soon be in the same situation. The wind should change direction later today, I’ll work on the deck and we’ll eventually see what the gap is when we I round Cape Horn.

If only I had an on-board heating system to reduce the permanent humidity! My feet are numb and I have bruises all over because f humidity and shocks. But I’m taking care of myself. When I go out there to manoeuvre, I protect my hands with thick fishermen’s gloves because they’re already full of calluses and they get very dry from handling ropes.

I’ve been spending a lot of time inside lately. What’s going on outside doesn’t make you want to spend too much time out there: It’s all gray, the sky is cloudy, there’s very little visibility because of the fog and the sea is gray and agitated.

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