Daily Digest – Thursday 24 May


The 24-hour Speed Record is the talk of the town. Back in March 2015, Ian Walker's team Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing sailed 550.8 nautical miles in one 24-hour stretch on the approach to Cape Horn. With the wind above 25 knots, the sea relatively flat, and the wind angle favourable to the Volvo Ocean 65s, there is now the possibility of breaking that record and for our high achievers in the Atlantic, it's on everybody's minds. 

© Sam Greenfield/Volvo Ocean Race

As the fleet experience these big speeds, they're also skirting the Ice Exclusion Zone, take a look at these fantastic shots from the past 24 hours on our Twitter page

As the fleet's 300 nautical mile split converges, Vestas 11th Hour Racing's famous navigator Simon Fisher explains what to expect. He seems pretty chilled in this video but no doubt tensions are rising off camera as the most important leg of the race continues...


Team Brunel damaged their rudder slightly overnight and we feel privileged to be able to watch this incredible footage of Kyle Langford repairing it. Take a look and don't forget to check out some of the hilarious comments. 

As the teams attempt to break the record, weather conditions in the Atlantic are wet and wild. Some might consider sailing in these conditions to be hell on earth but not our Volvo Ocean Race sailors - just watch Luke Molloy's face during this peice to camera.


But then of course there's that moment when you're so wet up on the bow your lifejacket accidentally inflates... #BleddynMon #TurntheTideonPlasic 

© Martin Keruzore/Volvo Ocean Race

Finally, to finish off today's Daily Digest here are some of the best shots from life onboard in some of the best weather conditions the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. 

image4 image5 image6 image9 image14

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