Daily Digest – Friday 4 May


The lead is down to just seven miles and the pressure is getting to everyone. Read the latest from the race track here.

© Brian Carlin/Volvo Ocean Race

LIVE with Turn the Tide on Plastic, join Niall Myant-Best and Conrad Colman at Volvo Ocean Race HQ as they connect to Dee Caffari's team in the Atlantic. Incredible stuff, plus a reminder of everything else that's happened while you've been sleeping.

Daily Live – Friday 4 May | Volvo Ocean Race

"I don't know why we arrre zo zlow? I 'ad to jump into ze sea to check' - Charles Caudrelier. 

Dongfeng Race Team haven't been keeping up the pace for the past 24 hours. Watch as skipper Charles Caudrelier jumps into the water at night to check there's nothing on the keel. 


Here is your daily drone fix from Brian Carlin onboard team AkzoNobel. No sound, no interviews, just pure sailing. Check it out. 


They might be impressing the fleet and improving everyday but Turn the Tide on Plastic have yet to make the podium. Having missed out twice, once in Auckland and once in Itajai, the possibility of coming third or higher during Leg 8 is now playing full time on everybody's minds. 


It's been a very video-oriented Daily Digest today but there have also been some of the best pictures to come out of this leg yet! Take some time to go through the incredible images below. Which is your favourite? Let is know by commenting on Facebook or Twitter using #VolvoOceanRace. 

image3 image5 image8 image10 image13

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