Captain’s Log – Javier Sansó: "Back in the race again"

Hello everyone.

It is great news that Bernard is back in the race again; I was really happy to hear it and I hope the protest doesn’t take hold and he continues racing as he well deserves to be.

I am getting back into position once again and both good wind and speed have appeared which means there are very good spirits on board ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered! As I am behind Mike and Dom I am in a better position where the high pressure is concerned and have reaching instead of the downwind conditions that they have so I think I can make up some miles to them in the next few hours.

My routing is showing me getting to Cape Horn for the 7th January so it looks like – or at least I hope – that it will be a very fast trip to the Great Cape (which I am quite frankly looking forward to leaving behind me.) The sail up through the south Atlantic is going to be key; and practically the last real chance to improve positions.

Once we are back in the Northern Hemisphere it is more difficult. Well, I am already speaking about the Atlantic and I have only just got into the Pacific, which I am sure is not going to be at all easy.

I hope I can hold onto and improve the distance to those ahead of me, whilst keeping my eye on Bernard and Arnaud who are also quite close.

Best wishes


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