More than 53,000 players are currently racing up the east coast of Australia…


After 48 hours ‘at sea’, American virtual sailor Your Mom SA is leading the standings in Leg 4 of the Volvo Ocean Race game.

More than 53,000 players are currently racing up the east coast of Australia in a bid to get as far north as possible while the breeze remains favourable. It’s been a quick run so far for the game players and Volvo Ocean Race teams alike since they left Melbourne on January 2.

Your Mom SA has knocked off more than 1,000 miles already in the 6,000 mile leg to claim the top spot early on, with France’s iona29 and Leg 3 game winner LJadra from Slovenia in second and third respectively. Just 0.7nm split those top three boats – and there’s only a little over 4nm between the top 50 players.

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The highest ranking virtual sailors have found the best route to be close to the coast of Australia, making the most of downwind conditions. The Volvo Ocean Race teams however have had to head slightly more offshore in search of better breeze.

The fast sailing of the first few days is not set to continue however – the forecast is for the wind to lighten as the fleet continues north towards the Solomon Islands. Lying further up the track lies the Doldrums, a band of every-changing low pressure that will prove a major tactical challenge for the Volvo Ocean Race teams and the virtual fleet alike.

You can join the game anytime here.

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