Captain’s Log: Dominique Wavre

Gradually the wind went down, everything is calm now. The anemometer even displays sometimes a mocking zero. We spent the day standing there in the middle of an ocean with no wind; we’ve sailed on average between 1 and 7 knots. It's a bit incongruous when you think about it, especially after the great surfs we did with the previous front!

With some music in the background, I tried to progress and according to the files nothing very nice is waiting for us in the hours to come. We try to adapt and accept the weather conditions.

At the helm today, I imagined myself at the Bol d’or with mountains for decor and I began to dream of a nice breeze. I listed the names of Swiss winds, a true poem! The Joran, the Vaudaire, the Bornan, the Sechard and many others crossed my mind.

I turn on the automatic pilot, the remote control is not far, and I try to move between 2 and 9 knots towards the goal, about 15,700 miles away…

See you tomorrow for another day (the 33rd!)


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