Captain’s log, B. Stamm: " I’ll fight! "

Hi all,

Everything's fine on Cheminées Poujoulat. I slept a little and ate well so I'm still tired but not as exhausted as I was before. The boat is quite fast, even though she could be even faster. If I had less technical issues to deal with, I could focus on sailing. But I can't, so it's frustrating.

My route is quite direct but I still have to keep an eye on Claudia, a cyclone coming from Australia that we can see on the satellite. It should be with us in 4 to 5 days. Or not… It's obviously losing some of its power as it is going south but it still needs to be watched. Whether they are very active or dying, cyclones tend to change the regular weather conditions.

I'm trying to do my best with all the things I have left to do but one thing is for sure, I'll fight hard!

OK, back to work.


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