First words from Tanguy De Lamotte

" I knew I was going for a long and difficult adventure. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I’m so happy to be back here. The Vendée Globe is no cruise, I knew it’s a very demanding race, so I was very careful. We had goals, of course, and I think I went even beyond those goals I sailed around the round, the objective was to do it between 95 and 100 days and to save 6 or 8 children? As of today, we have saved 15, it’s amazing to see how much people rallied behind that cause, it’s so great.

Thinking of them helped me throughout the race, it was a great motivation. So were the little gifts my friends had left on board. I woke up on November 10th to sail around the world and tonight, when I go to bed, I can tell myself I have done it. The boat is damaged but she has been solid enough to take me through that adventure.

The warm welcome I’ve just been given is something amazing. People had told me how unique it was but I have no idea it was that great. And being greeted by the children who had surgery thanks to people’s clicks is so heart-warming! It shows how real the help they’ve received is. I chose to sail around the world but they didn’t choose to be born with a heart disease.

I’m going to cherish this Vendée Globe for a long time and right now, I’m not thinking about doing it again, not today at least. I know I’ll be at the start of the next Vendée Globe, but not necessarily on a boat, maybe I’ll just be on the pontoons. I want to enjoy this experience before I start thinking about anything else. "

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