Thanks from Arnaud Boissières



Ah, I wake you up, you’re still sleeping, not me. I must say that I cannot because of the excitement and the emotion of my last days at sea. I’d like to share with you the last sunset of my Vendée Globe and say THANK YOU.


Thanks AKENA Vérandas and all their employees for their support. They’ve always believed in me (since 2007). Thanks Elec'recyclage – Lexus – Leclerc des Olonne -Sefico for your support. Thanks Gringos (alias "technical team”): Guillaume Le Fur – Etienne Carra – Bayen Souchet & Sran Maslard who spent most of their time with me (and the big black bird) rather than with their families.

Thanks to all the communication team: Agence Effets Mer (Aurelie Bargat) and Marie Christine Rouzier (AKENA Communication Manager). Thanks social networks and Facebook. Thanks to my friends and family. Thanks to the Olonne volonteers. Thanks Les Sables and La Chaume who now consider me as their child and it warms my heart. Thanks to everyone I forgot!!!!!!!!!!


And do not read between the lines or interpret any signs. I'm just happy and proud of my beautiful black bird. I’m finishing a second Vendée Globe in a row, in 8th position: that's all and that's huge.


The Vendée has the most beautiful sailing race. Bravo la Vendée, bravo Sodebo and Les Sables d’Olonne.


Thank you all

See you in 2016

but before that

See you tomorrow!!



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